Welcome to Advantage Enterprises, a nationally recognized center for holistic health, peak performance and hypnosis education located in Poughkeepsie, NY. The Center, led by mental skills expert, Ajamu James Ayinde is at the forefront of human potential activation combining both psychology and spirituality.

What is Mental Coaching?

If you're interested in hiring a life coach, then the chances are that you are already accomplished and successful and just need some support to reach the next level. My passion is assisting others to succeed. But coaching is very different from traditional psychotherapy. To become a power performer will require a number of internal ingredients such as willingness, desire, belief and positive expectancy.

This process requires an investment of time and money. Investing in yourself can allow you to gain powerful insights and new skills and see real results faster and easier than you could going it alone.

The first step in the coaching process is getting your mental state aligned with your goals. As your life coach, my primary purpose is to help you to clarify your values and use those cherished values in the achievement of your goals.

Mental Coaching: A Simple, Life-Changing Method

You might have been led to believe that change is a difficult, long and painful process. If you're like me you might have even made the process of change so involved and complicated that it became one of those things on the "to do" list that never got done. I'm here to show you an easier way. All change involves four simple steps. I call it the S.T.E.M. system: Mental coaching can allow you to use all of the wisdom, passion and enthusiasm of the subconscious mind. Through guided imagery you will develop the focus to see with your eyes closed what you may found impossible to "see" with eyes open all these years. Tomorrow, next week, next month, and next year can be radically different when you harness the power of your mind. You can make the next chapter of your life the happiest, healthiest and most hopeful yet.